The name Brooklyn Aces was chosen for a couple of reasons. First, the airport is there, but moreso, it is a fun name with a lot of old-school ways to treat it. I didn't want to do something so modern as to turn off traditional basketball fans. Aces is simple, easy to remember, and fun.

The term Aces invokes an image of a World War I or World War II pilot. I have seen many logos with pilot's faces in that familiar grimace and wanted to do something different. Why not use a mascot that fans can enjoy. This boxer dog is cool, and a little blue-collar tough. People on the street can wear the dog with pride.

The colors are both a play on America's colors and the existing New Jersey Nets. I have just replaced the grey with a rich, caramel-gold. It's all-American and all-Brooklyn.

I'm not sure why I chose the Bishops, maybe I just couldn't think of anything? The colors however are those of the New York Nets with the exception of the grey. I thought I would try to at least incorporate some history in it.

I chose the name Brooklyn Brigade because of the history tied in with the Revolutionary War, as one of the first battles of the Revolution was in Brooklyn. I chose the colors Columbia/Carolina Blue (whichever you prefer), Navy, and Gold, beacuse it is unusual, and the only other teams that use them, or partially use them are Denver and maybe Dallas. I didn't want to keep it red, white, and blue, like the current Nets, but tried to keep it somewhat the same with the "blues".
After much deliberating, I decided upon the name "Chiefs" for a few reasons. First, before 9/11, if you were to see a skyline of Manhattan, you would see the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground leading over the Hudson River to the World Trade Center. I picked Chiefs to honor those heroic police officers and firefighters who lost their lives, and those that remain to protect those of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the rest of the boroughs.

Second, Chiefs is a reminder of the history of Basketball in Brooklyn and New York State. There were teams called the Brooklyn Indians and Buffalo Braves, and Chiefs has a Native-American connotation.

I chose the shield in the logo to stay away from potentially offensive representation, such as a feather, a spear, or other traditionally "Indian" icons. I believe the shield is ambiguous enough to work for either police or fire.

I chose red, white and blue for a few reasons as well. The Buffalo Braves wore these colors. The New Jersey Nets also used these in addition to the silver, and the alternate especially is a nod to the Nets' past. I wanted the home jersey to be reminiscent of the Brooklyn Dodgers (also red, white & blue), so I used Blue script with a red number. The secondary logo is the B used by the Dodgers as well, and instantly ties in with Brooklyn athletic history.

The striping on the shorts represents the Brooklyn Bridge. The knockout pointed curve on the side is the shape of the openings on the Bridge, and the curve on the front and back is for the cabled span connecting the two towers of the Bridge.

The Coasters names is derived from the famed roller coaster attractions at world famous Coney Island. Coney Island is rich in history and tradition for vacationers of the last century. The Coasters would begin there qeust for history and tradition in their debut in the borough.

The colors were chosen because of their unique style and difference from that of most teams in the league...example the Charlotte Bobcats...though this logo is better.

The font was chosen for it's 50s style and sharp curvey-ness which is reminant of the convertable cars of the fifties that would have been patrolling the streets of Brooklyn and this also gives the logo and set a retro feel in the modern era.

I chose the Brooklyn Fusion for my entry. I believe to look back at the history of Brooklyn, industry would have a major part in it. This design package is dedicated to the workers (more specifically the welders) who helped build these areas we cherish so much. The Brooklyn Bridge, Ebbits field are just some of the examples of the structures that mean so much to us. Even if some of the actual structures are not standing, the impact they had on the people who lived in Brooklyn along with the rest of the world is astounding. The colors are more fitting of a welding sort of atmosphere. Blue is very fitting of the city borough of Brooklyn (Dodgers), the other colors are found in a metal workers environment (faded copper and grey) and That being said, enjoy!

Name is dervied from the neighborhood from the Brooklyn Bridge down to Atlantic Avenue. Also HEIGHTS hold meaning of going up, elevating s in basketball.  It will be the site of the new arena.  The logo is dervied from the New Jersey Nets current logo.  I felt that the fans of NJ deserve the tradition of the Nets to be carried on.  The gray basketball and hoop on a navy background integrates the current tradition into the skyline of Manhattan.  The Bridge forms both ends of the Hoop connecting the city.  Navy, Red and Gray were chosen as the colors to carry on the current tradition.

This is a tribute to the true heroes of 9/11.

The USS Monitor, the first ironclad vessel in the US fleet and precursor to today's modern naval vessels, was built at and launched from the Continental Ship Yard in Brooklyn. The logo depicts the Monitor, and was designed from photos and schematics of the ship. The stylized basketball represents a compass and the sun, the methods which naval vessels navigated at the time.

Anyways, my Brooklyn concept is for the Royals. I found it difficult to find a suitable name for Brooklyn while doing the research. I didn't want to go the obvious route with the Bridge. I wanted a more historical name for a very historical city. Brooklyn automatically conjures up images of the Brooklyn Dodgers. I wanted to capture that and modernize it a bit.

I know that there once was a Cincinnati Royals team, but why not resurrect it in a new fashion. My rationale behind then name comes from Kings County in which Brooklyn originally resided. Since Kings was already taken by Sacramento I went with Royals to honor the history of the county.

In the primary mark I utilize a crown to illustrate the ties to the name and the county. I placed 6 points on the crown to signify the original 6 towns within Kings County. I was going for a retro look and feel with my logo. The "B" in the ball represents Brooklyn of course. I wanted to incorporate a basketball to highlight the sport plus most NBA teams utilize a ball in their marks.

I chose a royal blue for obvious reasons and a powder blue to complement it. Part of the reasoning behind the powder blue was to enhance the retro feel and to play off of the water nearby and Brooklyn's past as a Navy Yard. The copper brown is a nod towards the prevalent Brownstone houses that inhabit the city. Brown and blue is not a common color combination but I thought it worked well here. I also wanted to hilight white as a strong part of the logo to enhance that simple/retro feel once again.

The shape of the crown was made tall to mimic the NYC skyline. I wanted the feeling of early skyscrapers and early industrial times when Brooklyn was one of the largest cities in America.

I wanted contrast in the wordmark. I modified an Art Deco looking font to highlight the name Brooklyn. I contrasted that with a modern looking script to capture the sense of royalty and regality that the name has.

I wanted the uniforms to be retro-ish and simplistic while the alt uniform was a true alternative using elements of some old-time jerseys.

So there is my rationale behind my entry. I truly enjoyed this experience. I feel this is the best contest on the boards simply for the fact that it makes you THINK. Too many posters do not spend enough time working on their designs while too many critics fail to really look at why things work or don't work. I know I've tried to pass on some of my experiences to the boards and I really respect a contest like this to showcase some more serious talents and brain power. I hope mine fits the bill.